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Effective Stress Reduction Techniques

Traffic jams, deadlines at work, or worry over a loved one’s illness – stress can be caused by a...

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Is the MIND Diet Good for Brain Health?

Better brain health might be as close as a visit to your kitchen. A combination of two popular...

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7 Health and Wellness Goals for Older Adults

The new year is a time of new beginnings. No matter our age, it offers the opportunity to reset and...

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Tips for Creating and Strengthening Friendships as We Age

Meaningful friendships are important at any age, but they can be especially beneficial as we get...

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Brain Benefits of Reading for Older Adults

Many of us find reading pleasurable, but the benefits of reading can go beyond an enjoyable...

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Best Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Shoulder Joints and Back

Experiencing shoulder joint and back pain can make everyday tasks difficult for seniors, like...

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How to Successfully Maintain a Special Diet in a Senior Living Community

We all understand the importance of healthy eating at every stage of our lives. However, as we get...

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The Healing Power of Music: How Listening to Music Can Benefit Seniors

Almost everyone has had the experience of being touched by a piece of music. From feelings of...

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A Closer Look at Therapy Options for Older Adults

Caring for your mental health is important at any age. The World Health Organization reports that...

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