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Best Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Hips and Reduce Pain

Mature adults doing squats to strengthen their hips and lower back.

Nearly half of older adults report feeling hip pain, often caused by osteoarthritis, an injury, or a pinched nerve. Unfortunately, hip pain can make many daily activities challenging, including walking around your home, standing in the kitchen to prepare a meal, or even sitting in the living room to watch your favorite show.  

However, there are simple exercises you can do to help improve flexibility and strength while also reducing joint pain. Maintaining an active lifestyle can be beneficial for your physical health, providing immediate and sometimes long-term relief. 

Try the hip exercises below, all recommended by professionals from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, to improve your range of motion and reduce joint pain. 

They’re simple to do, using only your body weight. Wellness is one of our top priorities here at 305 West End Assisted Living, and that’s why we offer a variety of exercise classes in our fitness center to meet residents’ needs and abilities.

It’s important to remember that before beginning any type of exercise, check with your doctor to make sure it’s appropriate for you.

Simple Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Hips

Senior man doing side leg raise exercise to strengthen hips

Hip pain can be caused by arthritis or weak muscles near the hips. The exercises below may help improve hip flexibility and reduce pain. Start slowly, doing as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with, and gradually work up to more as you become stronger and more flexible.


Lie on your side with your knees bent and stacked. Open up the top knee as if it’s on a hinge and lift it as high as you can, while keeping your hips stationary and your other leg on the ground. Hold for several seconds, then release. Repeat several times on each side.

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Standing Hip Abduction

This exercise can be done anywhere. Simply stand up straight and raise one leg out to the side, keeping your balance on the other leg and the rest of your body upright. If you need help, hold onto the edge of a counter or table. 

Standing hip abductions can be made more challenging with a resistance band as you gain strength and flexibility.

Hip Extension

You can do this exercise either on the floor or a bed for more comfort. First, lie on your stomach with a pillow beneath your hips. Next, bend one knee up at a 90-degree angle and lift it straight up as high as you can. Hold for several seconds, then lower. Repeat on both sides.

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