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Why Walking is So Good for Senior Health

Walking is an easy, natural way to exercise. According to the CDC, regular physical activity is key...

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How Stretching Can Benefit Seniors

Feeling sore when you get out of bed in the morning? Or maybe you have a tough time moving your...

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Foods to Eat if You Have Arthritis

If you suffer from stiff, swollen joints caused by arthritis, you aren’t alone. The Centers for...

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How to Sleep Better: Top Tips for Improving Sleep

Poor sleep is a common complaint for many. According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep...

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5 Healthy Eateries on the Upper West Side

From the trendy Oxbow Tavern to the more traditional Café Luxemborg, there’s no shortage of fine...

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Celebrating American Heart Month: 6 Heart Healthy Tips

Founded in 1963 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, American Heart Month strives to raise awareness...

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3 Health & Wellness Podcasts Perfect For Older Women

There’s so much to learn about health and wellness, but with new information published almost...

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Staying Fit in NYC Spaces: 3 Websites With Workouts You Can Do from Home

There are so many reasons for seniors to exercise - from a decreased risk of falls to improved...

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Strategies for Fueling Your Body Before, During, and After Exercise

Exercise and good nutrition are two of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. If you are investing the...

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