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A Look at Today’s Sophisticated Luxury Assisted Living Offerings in Manhattan

It’s easier than ever to find the products and services that fit your lifestyle — from pop-up...

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7 Best Companion Dogs for NYC Seniors

Dogs make exceptional companions for people of every age and in every environment. They also come...

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How to Create an Easy Indoor Garden Space

You don’t need to wait for spring to enjoy beautiful greenery, fresh herbs, and even delicious...

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5 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

While “eco-friendly décor” might have meant limited options in the past, today there’s a wider...

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5 Strategies for Overcoming Loneliness in Older Adults

There are numerous reasons older adults may feel lonely. For example, recent retirees may struggle...

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Assisted Living — Is It Right For You, or a Loved One?

Many older adults picture themselves living at home for the rest of their lives. This makes sense,...

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How to Begin Your Loved One’s Move to Assisted Living

There are numerous reasons why families delay their decision to seek out assisted living....

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The Best of the Hudson Valley: Dining, History, Art, and Nature

There’s only one place where you’ll find the oldest winery in the U.S., remnants of the...

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