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How to Create an Easy Indoor Garden Space

Senior woman watering her plants in her low-maintenance indoor garden space

You don’t need to wait for spring to enjoy beautiful greenery, fresh herbs, and even delicious vegetables. Indoor gardening is a hobby that is not only enjoyable for many people, but comes with several benefits, too.

Whether you enjoy a few houseplants or want an herb garden to complement your cuisine, we’ve laid out four simple steps you can take to create a low-maintenance and mood-boosting indoor garden this season.

Step 1: Determine What Type of Indoor Garden You Want

An indoor garden can be as simple or extensive as you’d like. Consider some of the following questions to help determine what you want to grow in your space.

  • Sunlight. Some plants need full sun, and others can survive in darker conditions. If your home has many windows, particularly south-facing ones, a sun-loving plant could be a good choice. If not, look for ones that tolerate dimmer conditions.
  • Space. Do you have a small windowsill to dedicate to a garden, or a larger space, such as an enclosed porch?
  • Look. Would you like an indoor garden reminiscent of the American Southwest? Or perhaps lush, rain-loving plants from Amazonia? Do you want plants that bloom year-round, or do you prefer muted foliage? Choose plants to fit your preferred look and feel.
  • Usage. Some plants are simply there to beautify a space. Others can help freshen the air, add a pleasing fragrance, or provide tasty salad toppings or side dishes.

Your garden is your space, so feel free to customize it as you wish. Once you’ve decided on the type of garden you’d like, it’s time to choose your plants.

Step 2: Choose Your Plants

When you’re ready to populate your indoor garden, there are several choices for purchasing plants and supplies.

Local nurseries and greenhouses can be a good choice if you know what you’re looking for. If you’d like to browse and learn more about what you’re purchasing, online ordering can come in handy.

Sites like Etsy, The Sill, and even Amazon will ship plants right to your door. If you’re looking for an additional challenge, growing plants from seed can be a rewarding process. Sites like Burpee and the NY-based Hudson Valley Seed Company can be good places to start.

Step 3: Arrange Your Indoor Garden

The fun part of setting up your indoor garden is arranging it to fit your style. There are limitless ways to do so - from lining up pots on a windowsill to hanging plants to wall-mounted hooks. We’ve collected a few of our favorite ideas below.

Indoor plants on a windowsill

A colorful assortment of pots and plants on a sunny windowsill provides a simple, low-maintenance indoor garden space.

Cacti and succulents in colorful pots with rocks

Cacti and other succulents in coordinated pots offer a touch of the Southwest. 

Tropical greenery in a vertical indoor garden

A vertical wall-mounted garden is a dramatic look that provides a pop of greenery. 

Assorted green houseplants on a bench indoors

A repurposed bench provides a setting for a variety of plants with many shades and textures. 

Step 4: Provide Regular Maintenance - and Enjoy

Gardening isn’t complicated, but plants do require a few basics to grow: Sunlight, proper temperature and humidity, water, and good soil. You can control most of these factors successfully indoors.

Keep any tags or instructions that come with your plant. If you notice your plant starting to look brown or drooping, you may need to re-evaluate its placement, watering schedule, or pot size. Some house plants come in pots that are too small and need to be moved to a larger pot for proper root development and growth. 

Above all, enjoy your new indoor garden and the benefits it provides. 

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