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What to Ask When Touring a Luxury Assisted Living Community in Manhattan

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Luxury assisted living communities in Manhattan are on the rise, and it’s not only older adults in the five boroughs who want to retire in the heart of the city. Many suburbanites and out-of-state residents are also taking advantage of all Manhattan has to offer.

If you are looking for a luxury assisted living community in Manhattan for yourself or a loved one, here are some questions you should consider asking during your search.

In the second of our three-part series about evaluating assisted living options in New York City, we discuss what to ask when touring a luxury assisted living community in Manhattan. 
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Questions to Ask Yourself

First, it’s key to understand your own needs, desires, and preferences — or those of your loved one — as you explore communities. Do you have a preference for where in Manhattan you’d like to retire, such as the Upper West Side? How important is it to have varied onsite dining options? What are your current care needs? Do you anticipate that you or your loved one may need additional care in the future?

Additional questions you may want to ask yourself include:

  • What do you want in an assisted living community? Robust social programs? Close proximity to cultural institutions? Individualized programming? Fine dining?
  • What is your preferred budget?
  • What amenities are a must?
  • What are your current and future care needs, and can the community support them?
  • What would be your dealbreaker(s)?

Questions to Ask the Community

Once you have a better idea of the type of senior community you are looking for, it is time to begin your search in earnest. Don’t forget to ask friends and family members for their recommendations, which can help you narrow your list. As you begin contacting the communities you are interested in, here are some questions that can help you better understand their care philosophy and expertise.

  • What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  • What is the rate of staff turnover?
  • What kind of training and experience do staff members have?
  • Is continuing education available and/or expected?
  • How are medical emergencies handled?
  • Are onsite medical appointments available? Does the community have existing relationships with nearby specialists and other healthcare providers?

Questions to Ask Administrative Staff

Once you have your list, schedule either an in-person or virtual tour with the communities you are interested in. The representative you have communicated with will likely be the person who conducts the tour and will ensure that it is tailored to address your specific interests and concerns.

In addition to answering questions about what to expect as a resident, they will be able to share practical information related to amenities, fees, and activities.

  • What types of apartments are available? Are you or your loved one able to change apartments should a more desirable one become available?
  • Are residents able to paint, or make other modifications to their apartments?
  • If you or your loved one has pets, ask about the pet policy and any restrictions.
  • Precisely which amenities are included in the monthly fee? Which are extra?
  • What happens if you or your loved one’s care needs change? What is the transition plan for that?
  • What types of training do staff members have?
  • How are meals prepared and are their accommodations for specialty diets?

Take your time evaluating each community you visit. Consider scheduling more than one visit at different times during the day, which should give you a more complete picture of what life is like in the community. Be sure to explore any outdoor spaces, and if offered, sit down to enjoy a meal prepared onsite.

Come equipped with these questions and any concerns that you may have. Your guide should be happy to accommodate any requests you have about specific areas you would like to explore or specific topics you want to address.

Questions to Ask Residents

During your tour, you will probably have the opportunity to meet with a current resident or two. A casual conversation can give you a better understanding of what daily life is like in the community and whether it might be a good fit for you or your loved one. If time allows for a more detailed conversation, here are some additional questions you might want to consider asking:

  • How long have you been a resident of this community?
  • What do you enjoy most about living here?
  • What made you choose this community over others?

Age in Place — In the City You Love

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