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Staying Fit in NYC Spaces: 3 Websites With Workouts You Can Do from Home

Senior woman working out with dumbbells and stability ball at home in nyc

There are so many reasons for seniors to exercise - from a decreased risk of falls to improved mental wellness. 

Can’t get to the gym, or don’t have an outdoor space to use? You can still get a great workout from the comfort of your own home, even if your space is limited. As always, check with your health provider before starting a new exercise routine. 

Learn more about how to work out at home and find three great workouts to get your blood pumping.

No Space? No Problem.

An effective at-home workout doesn’t require equipment or even a dedicated exercise room. A square as small as a few feet on each side will do. 

Most at-home workouts use bodyweight exercises, where your weight is used to provide resistance against gravity. Deceptively simple, these exercises are very effective. Think of moves like pushups, situps, and jumping jacks, to name a few. 

If you don’t enjoy these types of exercises, no problem. Dance, yoga, and Pilates are all exercises you can do from home. Get creative - mix and match to create a workout that is fun, and more importantly, something you will want to do regularly.

The internet is a wealth of free workout videos you can do anywhere, at any time. Just search for what you’re interested in and get moving! 

At-Home Workout Site #1: Fitness Blender

Best For: Traditional Cardio and Toning Exercises

A staple of the fitness world, Fitness Blender has been providing free videos since 2010. The husband and wife team of Kelli and Daniel offer hundreds of videos sortable by type of workout, duration, difficulty, and more. 

The vast majority of their videos are free and require no account. You can create a free account to track and plan workouts, with additional options available to purchase. 

Get started with Fitness Blender here.

At-Home Workout Site #2: Livestrong

Best For: Simple, Quick Workouts

Livestrong offers a huge variety of quick workouts you can do anywhere. There are options for everything from Pilates to barre to workouts you can do with household objects like a broom.

Each free workout features detailed instructions and photos. Choose a workout that suits your difficulty level, or try something new - there are plenty of choices.

Get started with Livestrong here.

At-Home Workout #3: YouTube

Best For: Just About Everything

If you’re looking for the biggest variety and are willing to do a little searching yourself, YouTube has a vast reservoir of workout videos. Try searching for terms like “walking workout” or “dance cardio” to see what you can find. 

Some workout websites require a fee or an account to access the videos. But YouTube videos are free and simple to use. Just press play and start moving! 

Get started with YouTube videos here.

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