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Senior couple cooking a Mediterranean meal at home in their kitchen

Simple Mediterranean Diet Recipes You Can Prepare at Home

Spending more time at home means many people are rediscovering the joys of preparing meals. And...

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Couple stretching outdoors

Health Benefits and Types of Yoga: What You Need to Know

Originating in ancient India, yoga has become a popular exercise option – either on its own, or as...

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 Senior mother and adult daughter discuss move to assisted living while sitting on park bench in  Central Park in New York City

How to Begin Your Loved One’s Move to Assisted Living

There are numerous reasons why families delay their decision to seek out assisted living....

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A man and woman’s hands holding up a piece of the puzzle they are working on

The Science of Puzzles: Why Challenging Your Brain is Good For Your Health

If you love curling up with a newspaper crossword on the weekend, you already know how much...

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The Best of the Hudson Valley: Dining, History, Art, and Nature

There’s only one place where you’ll find the oldest winery in the U.S., remnants of the...

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A woman sitting at a table in the park reading a book while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.

Simple Self-Care Ideas

This blog was originally published in June 2020 and was updated in June 2022.

A concept growing in...

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Smiling mature woman chats with friends during a virtual get-together

5 Unique Ideas for Virtual Get-Togethers

Zoom has quickly become a household word, enabling friends and family to gather together even when...

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Senior woman stays socially and culturally connected with friends on smartphone

Culturally Connected in a Time of Social Distance

Engaging in cultural pursuits – arts, music, and theater – while remaining indoors does not need to...

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10 Stunning Recipes Full of Winter Fruits and Vegetables

Summer gets all the attention when it comes to food - fire-engine-red tomatoes bursting with juice;...

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