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Senior woman working out with dumbbells and stability ball at home in nyc

Staying Fit in NYC Spaces: 3 Websites With Workouts You Can Do from Home

There are so many reasons for seniors to exercise - from a decreased risk of falls to improved...

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Caregiver looking at phone and writing in planner

5 Time Management Tips for Caregivers

Caregivers know all too well that there are many tasks to complete in any given 24-hour period....

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Fall in central park, new york

Enjoy Autumn in Manhattan: Places to Visit off the Beaten Path

Living in New York City is magical no matter the season; however, there is something extra special...

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Woman with dog by her side has a virtual call with her loved one using her laptop

How to Support an Older Loved One (Virtually)

Living in a different state, busy schedules, illness, or other obligations – there are a variety of...

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Senior woman rests on stairs and eats an apple and hydrates after a run in the city

Strategies for Fueling Your Body Before, During, and After Exercise

Exercise and good nutrition are two of the pillars of a healthy lifestyle. If you are investing the...

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Older adult looking at smartphone.

5 Strategies for Overcoming Loneliness in Older Adults

There are numerous reasons older adults may feel lonely. For example, recent retirees may struggle...

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 Adult daughter hugs senior mother after talking about assisted living options

Assisted Living — Is It Right For You, or a Loved One?

Many older adults picture themselves living at home for the rest of their lives. This makes sense,...

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Couple stretching outdoors

Health Benefits and Types of Yoga: What You Need to Know

Originating in ancient India, yoga has become a popular exercise option – either on its own, or as...

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 Senior mother and adult daughter discuss move to assisted living while sitting on park bench in  Central Park in New York City

How to Begin Your Loved One’s Move to Assisted Living

There are numerous reasons why families delay their decision to seek out assisted living....

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