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Senior couple enjoying a restful sleep

How to Sleep Better: Top Tips for Improving Sleep

Poor sleep is a common complaint for many. According to a survey conducted by the National Sleep...

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Senior couple holding a glass of wine, enjoying dinner outside

5 Healthy Eateries on the Upper West Side

From the trendy Oxbow Tavern to the more traditional Café Luxemborg, there’s no shortage of fine...

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Senior woman strength training with dumb bells

Celebrating American Heart Month: 6 Heart Healthy Tips

Your heart is an amazing muscle. It beats approximately 100,000 times per day – delivering blood...

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Older woman wears headphones listening to a wellness podcast on her phone while sitting on the couch.

3 Health & Wellness Podcasts Perfect For Older Women

There’s so much to learn about health and wellness, but with new information published almost...

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Senior woman watering her plants in her low-maintenance indoor garden space

How to Create an Easy Indoor Garden Space

You don’t need to wait for spring to enjoy beautiful greenery, fresh herbs, and even delicious...

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Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's and Dementia

In this new blog series, The Caregiver’s Toolkit for Alzheimer's and Dementia, we are offering...

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Mid-century modern couch surrounded by plants and eco-friendly wood furniture and textiles

5 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

While “eco-friendly décor” might have meant limited options in the past, today there’s a wider...

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adult daughter hugging mother

Natural Ways You Can Boost Your Energy as a Caregiver

Fatigue is a common complaint for many caregivers. In fact, the Mayo Clinic lists feeling tired...

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Senior woman working out with dumbbells and stability ball at home in nyc

Staying Fit in NYC Spaces: 3 Websites With Workouts You Can Do from Home

There are so many reasons for seniors to exercise - from a decreased risk of falls to improved...

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