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young hand grasping older hand

How to Advocate on Behalf of Your Loved One

Caregiving is more than providing transportation or helping your loved one manage their finances....

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Senior couple staying active in Upper West Side New York

5 Ways to Stay Active on the Upper West Side This Summer

After a long, drab winter, there’s nothing more welcome than the summer season. If you are looking...

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Happy senior couple having fun while preparing healthy food in the kitchen.

How to Successfully Maintain a Special Diet in a Senior Living Community

We all understand the importance of healthy eating at every stage of our lives. However, as we get...

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brunch plate with eggs and avocado on toast.

Best Brunch Spots on the Upper West Side

Weekends are made for relaxing, and there’s no better way to relax than enjoying a sumptuous...

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Seniors in a park listening to an orchestra.

The Healing Power of Music: How Listening to Music Can Benefit Seniors

Almost everyone has had the experience of being touched by a piece of music. From feelings of...

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Senior woman speaking with therapist

A Closer Look at Therapy Options for Older Adults

Caring for your mental health is important at any age. The World Health Organization reports that...

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Curved stairs in the Riverside Park in Manhattan.

Upper West Side Monuments & Memorials to Explore in Riverside Park

This blog was originally published in November 2020 and updated in June 2022.

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Cherry blossom at the Lake at Central Park and skyline of apartment buildings in upper west side Manhattan.

Springtime Activities on the Upper West Side to Enjoy with Seniors

One might argue that every season in New York City is magical; however, the first few days of...

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Senior couple meeting with an estate planning advisor on the Upper West Side, New York, NY.

Estate Planning for Seniors Without Children

If you do not have children, you may think that estate planning is not as urgent or important as it...

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