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Senior woman on a winter mountain getaway in the Catskills

Plan a Winter Mountain Getaway: Catskills and Adirondacks

Winter in New York State provides breathtaking views: beautiful mountains, frozen waterfalls, and...

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Fine dining in the evening with a glass of wine

Favorite Fine Dining Options on the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is packed with fine dining eateries to feed Broadway patrons, as...

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Senior with dementia painting

7 Art Project Ideas for Seniors with Dementia

Engaging in creative art projects can be rewarding for people of all ages, but they may be...

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Senior woman and her adult child holding hands

Questions to Ask About Assisted Living in Manhattan

It’s little wonder that so many older adults seek to stay in the city and age in place. Luckily,...

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Sitting area at 305 West End Assisted Living

What to Ask When Touring a Luxury Assisted Living Community in Manhattan

Luxury assisted living communities in Manhattan are on the rise, and it’s not only older adults in...

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Photo collage of classic novels of books To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Great Gatsby, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Classic Novels With Movie Adaptations

This blog was updated on 07/28/2022.

What could be better than curling up with a good book? Nothing...

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Older woman walking into a room while carrying a box

10 Downsizing Tips for Seniors Living in NYC

While it can be challenging, downsizing can also be a rewarding process as you choose what to keep...

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senior man working on laptop

How to Protect Yourself or a Loved One from Fraud

The rate of fraud continues to rise in the United States, as does the level of sophistication used...

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Mature adults exercising in a group with stretch bands in a physiotherapy program to stay fit.

Best Exercises for Seniors to Strengthen the Shoulder Joints and Back

Experiencing shoulder joint and back pain can make everyday tasks difficult for seniors, like...

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